Week/Weekend Wrap Up: NYC –> LA

The week began in NYC at the Ronald McDonald gala at the Waldorf and has “ended” in LA. I am currently writing this at my parent’s house in LA by the pool. And I absolutely LOVE it!

I felt so lucky to attend the Ronald McDonald gala on Monday – I was reminded once again how fragile the human body is; watching the videos of the children and families who have been guests of the Ronald McDonald House was both heart breaking and inspiring.

Ronald McDonald gala 2013

The weather was warm enough for dinner outside on Wednesday, so we tried out Pera in Soho. I was super excited (I’m obsessed with eating/drinking/doing anything outside when it’s nice out), but we left a little disappointed.

The space was beautiful, but the service was slow, and my snapper was dry.

Pera Soho outside Pera Soho red snapper Pera Soho lamb

After Pera, we went to the James Hotel for some delicious outdoor cocktails. See? I’m obsessed with being outside.

view from the James Hotel lights at the James Hotel sign outside the James Hotel

Thursday we had cocktails at Middle Branch before I headed to the airport on Friday. The “Troublemaker” is absolutely delicious – gin + strawberry = winning combination!

troublemaker cocktail at Middle Branch JFK airport for Memorial Day 2013

And so far today, I’ve worked out, hung out by the pool with my family, and relaxed. It’s been amazing!

pool Memorial Day 2013 Corona by the pool Memorial Day 2013

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