BariMICRO at Bari Tribeca

The other night a girlfriend and I took at BariMICRO class at Bari Tribeca: “Consisting of little to no cardio, BariMICRO is a total body conditioning class. The workout includes the use of props such as the barre, Bari reigns, Bari balls, and Bari skimmers to target each muscle group, sculpting a lean, long figure from head to toe.”

The web site might say there’s little cardio, but I was sweating and my heart was definitely pounding by the end.

We used a series of props, including resistance bands, weights, and moveable barres. We warmed up using the bands, which consisted of multiple arm and leg moves – my butt is still sore.

We moved on to working with portable mini barres (first time I’ve seen these in a class) and mats to do leg and core work with weights. We finished with more core work on the mat.

Michelle, our instructor, was super friendly. She introduced herself before class and took the time to find the newbies. She was also hands on in correcting my form during mat work – I’m not very coordinated with a weight behind my knee! After class, Michelle took chatted with us, asked for feedback about the class, and was curious about our usual work out routines.

After attending the Bari + Treasure & Bond event, I was really excited about Bari pops, but there weren’t any available the other night. One more reason to go back.

I have to say, the Bari food and juices looked healthy and nutritious, if a bit expensive. Next time I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll have to pick up a snack.

Bari props Bari weights

Bari food society Bari wall Bari flowers

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2 Responses to BariMICRO at Bari Tribeca

  1. Michelle says:

    LOVED having you – that class was definitely not easy! Hope you stop by soon, or maybe we’ll meet in the Hamptons! The blog is sooo cute and chic! Xoxo

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