Personal Style File: Professional + Casual Neutrals

I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t wear tights anymore. That leaves me with pants or prayers for warm weather so I can wear skirts and dresses.

Per usual, the week started out more professional with one of my favorite pairs of printed Zara pants paired with my J. Crew denim jacket.

Tuesday was filled with meetings and appointments – I wanted to be comfortable yet professional. That meant J. Crew blazer, dot shirt, Minnie pants, and flats.

ootd Zara printed pants, J. Crew denim jacket J. Crew blazer, dot shirt, pants, flats

Wednesday was filled with appointments out of the office followed by dinner with a girlfriend. I went as casual as acceptable with a maxi skirt and Zara camo jacket.

I went to the Yankees game on Thursday night with a group of friends. I wanted to be warm and casual, so I opted for a cozy J. Crew cardigan and mint pants.

ootd Zara camo jacket J. Crew striped cardigan with mint pants

Friday was another day of neutrals – printed pants with an airy sweater and nude leather jacket.

ootd printed pants with Banana Republic sweather and leather jacket

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