Impromptu Gramercy Tavern Celebration

This week “The Boyfriend” received an amazing job offer, so we headed to one of our favorite restaurants – Gramercy Tavern – for an impromptu celebration dinner.

I was caught unprepared without a pair of heels, but my trusty Chanel flats pulled through in a pinch!

Gramercy Tavern ootd

As a vegetarian, I always appreciate that Gramercy Tavern has the option of choosing a dish from the tasting menu to pair with a dish from the dinner menu. I ordered the sweet potato agnolotti to start and had the flounder with cabbage, leeks, olives, and oyster mushrooms as my second course – perfection, as usual.

Apologies in advance for the dark pictures – I didn’t want to look like a tourist taking pictures of everything with a flash.

Gramercy Tavern sweet potato agnolotti Gramercy Tavern flounder

“The Boyfriend” started with the sweetbreads (cringe!) and had the pasture raised chicken and sausage bacon with potatoes and caramelized onions. He raved about both; I refused to try a bite.

Gramercy Tavern sweetbreads Gramercy Tavern chicken and sausage bacon

We shared a bottle of red wine, the apple tarte tartin with bourbon creme anglaise and butter pecan ice cream, as well as the cranberry brown butter cake with spiced pumpkin cream, hazelnuts, and orange ice cream (tasted like a creamsicle – delicious)!

Gramercy Tavern red wine Gramercy Tavern apple tarte tartin Gramercy Tavern cranberry brown butter cake

I let the hostess know that we were celebrating, and our server brought out a surprise congratulatory dessert along with our other desserts.

Gramercy Tavern congratulations dessert

As a parting gift – because we needed more sweets – we were left with a dessert sampling and coffee cakes for the next morning. As I’m writing this I’m wondering how we don’t each weigh 300 pounds!

Gramercy Tavern dessert sampling

Gramercy Tavern never disappoints; we’ll continue to return for birthday/anniversary/life celebrations!

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