Plank 360 at Plank Pilates

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try a class at Plank Pilates on the Lower East Side, and I decided the Plank 360 class would be perfect on a Saturday morning.

I arrived about 10 minutes early and went downstairs to drop off my purse and jacket, fill out paperwork, and grab a towel.

Downstairs was almost spa-like, with chilled cucumber water (which I happily enjoyed after class) and a choice of hot eucalyptus or cold lavender towels.

I knew there were only 5 towers, so my class would be small, but it turned out there was only one other person signed up for my class – even more personal attention!

I chose the Plank 360 class based on the web site description: “Our signature and unique Plank 360 method incorporates elements of cardiovascular training and classical
Pilates. This super-efficient, calorie burning workout gets your blood pumping and tones all in one!”

I was short on cardio that week, and thought this might do the trick. Within 5 minutes I was sweating – the opening series of Pilates push ups really got me. There was also a sequence towards the end of class involving resistance, the bar, and jogging with high knees. Multiple times.

I usually avoid Pilates because I get impatient (aka bored) quickly and have a hard time concentrating on each small, deliberate movement. The instructor, Danielle, was a pro at demonstrating moves and using the hands-on approach of correcting my form. I also never knew what was coming next, so my brain and body were constantly focused on keeping up.


  • No more than 5 people in each class
  • Instructor (Danielle) was patient and demonstrated moves herself when I was particularly uncoordinated
  • Clean, beautiful studio with exposed brick and wood floors
  • Complimentary cucumber water and hot and cold towels
  • You can register for classes online


  • I walked through a tower class when I arrived to get downstairs to check in
  • Towards the end of my class there was a private session taking place in the corner; it was slightly distracting

I definitely recommend the studio and trying out the different class options (and have to many LES-dwelling friends)!

Plank Pilates exterior            Plank Pilates exterior 2

Plank Pilates interior 2            Plank Pilates interior 3

*I received a complimentary class at Plank Pilaties but the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own

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