Gilt City: Hamptons Wine and Music Tour

Last weekend “The Boyfriend” and I took advantage of our voucher from Gilt City and went on an all day wine and music tour in the Hamptons. It was amazing – from start to finish! Highly recommend!
We were impressed from the beginning; there was a variety of breakfast sandwiches, a selection of snacks, and a few choices of bottled drinks and juices when we first boarded the Hampton Luxury Liner. The bus seats were leather, reclined more than airplane seats, had outlets, and the bus driver played a (current) movie on the drive to the Hamptons.

We stopped at three wineries; 1 hour each at the first two, and 3 hours at the third. The third winery also offered tours of their horse rescue farm (which we contributed to by purchasing a bottle of wine) and had live music.

Palmer Vineyards


Duck Walk Vineyards


Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyards


On our way home: listening to music and watching movies with (provided) headphones.

I desperately want us to vacation in the Hamptons for a weekend. Anyone have any hotel, transportation, restaurant suggestions?

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