The Amazingness that is Eataly

I am uh-bsessed with Mario Batali.


Casa Mono.

Del Posto.



Music to my ears, and some of my fav NYC restaurants.

I am equally obsessed with Lidia Bastianich. (Becco is one of her restaurants, and I must do a post on it asap).

So what do you get when  you put M and L together? Food. Lots and lots of food.

I’ve posted about Birreria at Eataly before but never about Eataly in general.

Eataly is made up of “restaurants” and markets that sell everything from breads, meats, and vegetables to coffee and desserts.

Last weekend “The Boyfriend” and I ate at La Pizza & La Pasta.

We had the Pomodora pizza (cherry tomato, smoked provola cheese, ricotta cheese, grana padano, and fresh basil) and the Quadrati Ricotta e Spinaci (housemade pasta with local ricotta, spinach, lemon butter, and pistachio).

Both the pizza and the pasta were very rich and delicious. Though as a vegetarian, the smoky flavor of the pizza reminded me a bit too much of meat. I finished the pasta while “The Boyfriend” finished the pizza 😉 We shared a bottle of Chianti, and I left feeling extremely satisfied!

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2 Responses to The Amazingness that is Eataly

  1. Jenina says:

    Found your blog looking for barre-style workouts, but you posted that one so long ago I had to catch up on the rest. I love Eataly, and those pics are making me so hungry! Cute blog!

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