Oktoberfest at Park Avenue Tavern

Last weekend “The Boyfriend” and I went to Park Avenue Tavern for an Oktoberfest event. I bought us tickets on Gilt City for two hours of unlimited beer and appetizers – sure to be a good time!

Web site description:

Park Avenue Tavern is the first bar in the city to offer the Table Tender system. A state of the art innovation in the restaurant industry, Table Tender puts the customer behind the bar and allows you to pour your own draft right at the table. A table side screen tracks every ounce of product by a computerized meter, allowing patrons a truly unique dining and nightlife experience.”

I’m on a pumpkin beer/ale kick, so I tried every pumpkin beer on the menu (I’m happy to report that there were several options :))

The space is beautiful….if one can describe a bar as beautiful? And the self-serve option is definitely different, but I am still a wine girl at heart.

Anyone else have any fun fall activities? Next up: apple picking.

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One Response to Oktoberfest at Park Avenue Tavern

  1. Park Avenue Tavern says:

    Thanks for mthe nice review. It was great having the Gilt members in to enjoy the tap beers and the seasonal food pairings. Hopefully you will come back in on a regular night for some dinner and drinks. Our wine list is outstanding!

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