Back to Yoga: Yoga to the People

I’ve been under the weather all week, but I still wanted some sort of work out. I tried to think of activities I could do that would be challenging without upsetting my cough. Enter yoga.

When I went to NYU, yoga at Yoga to the People was a normal part of my week. YTTP came before I discovered all of the barre work outs that I know love. It was a way for me to clear my head for an hour a day and not stress about tests, homework, internships, etc. Oh how I wish I had those problems now! 😉

I’ve never been “good” at yoga in the sense that I’m not very flexible, and it’s extremely difficult to focus only on my breath while trying not to fall over.

But this week I enlisted an old YTTP friend to go back to class with me, and I’m glad I did! I sweat, I stretched, and I spent time with a close girlfriend – all in all a great way to unwind after a tough work week.

I’ve been contemplating hot yoga…anyone have any studio recommendations or suggestions?

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