Falling Off the Exercise Wagon

Hellooooo! So sorry for my absence (for all 5 of you that read this ;))

The month of September was absolutely INSANE work-wise.

“The Boyfriend” and I went to West Palm Beach for Labor Day, and when we got back to the city, work took over.

I miss the beautiful Ritz Carlton!


I was on a great exercise roll (even on vacation) and was running 5-6 miles a couple of times a week. I’m embarrassed/sad to say that was about 3 weeks ago.

I went for a run this morning, and those 3 miles were a little tough! I’m anxious to “get back in shape” and maintain the healthy lifestyle I had before work got in the way.

Easier said than done when you live in NYC and are surrounded by temptations 24/7…

After my run and a healthy breakfast, “The Boyfriend” and I headed to an Oktoberfest event at Park Avenue Tavern and drank beer for two hours. Oops.

My goal is to get in an evening run tomorrow, and I know we’ll be outside walking and enjoying the great weather 😀

How do you stay motivated to work out and eat healthy meals? Does work ever interfere?

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