Flywheel & Birreria…Not at the Same Time!

I was going to cram two weekends worth of wonderful workouts and food into one post because, let’s face it, I haven’t been a very consistent blogger lately –> work, always getting in the way of my social life/healthy lifestyle 😉 However, there’s just too much great material, so you’ll have to suffer through two posts 😛

So last weekend (not the one that just happened), I took “The Boyfriend” to one of Jesse’s classes at Flywheel. I was super excited that he was interested in trying something that I’ve been raving about for a good 6 months now. I was also nervous that he wouldn’t like it (I know. How could THAT be possible?)

Random fact about me: whenever I introduce friends/family members/co workers/etc to workouts/studios that I adore/am obsessed with, I get REALLY stressed that they won’t like feel the same way! I feel so pressured to make sure they’re having the best experience EVER. Yes, I am insane.

Anyway, I strategically choose one of Jesse’s classes because he’s one of my favorite instructors: he has a fantastic energy level, motivating music, and he’s great at giving ranges/directions. I didn’t have to worry; “The Boyfriend” loved it! And I think he was pretty impressed that I spin multiple times a week 😉 AND, I broke 200 for the third time!!

Later that day we had lunch at Birreria – the rooftop restaurant/brewery above Eataly.

FYI: you have to order food to sit at tables under the umbrellas. Otherwise, you will be crammed into a pretty small bar area. It was in the 90s, and I was hungry, so we got a table. I had one of those ah-ha! New York moments that I have occasionally. I felt so lucky to be sitting on that rooftop drinking beer and eating food from a well-known chef in a great area of NYC. It also hit me that it was a typical weekend for us because we have access to so many amazing experiences in this fabulous city 🙂


I ordered the rucola e parmigiano salad: wild argula, cherry tomato, shaved parmigiano reggiano with lemon vinaigrette, and “The Boyfriend” had the bratwurst. We each had a beer and a glass of wine. For dessert we had the assorted cookies. Delish!!


I highly recommend the rooftop and will definitely go back – though 100 degree weather is probably not ideal.

Next up: brunch at Craftbar, dinner at Otto, and my Bliss Spa experiences

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