New Workout Adventures: Barry’s Bootcamp

I’m baaaack! After 8 glorious days visiting my family in L.A., I have returned to the concrete jungle that is NYC.


It was a bit of a culture shock: 90+ degree weather, a new position at work, late work hours, etc, but I made a little time (aka I took an hour at 8pm) to try the Arms & Abs class at Barry’s Bootcamp on Monday.

Description from the website:

All Barry’s Bootcamp classes are one hour, and each class includes 25 to 30 minutes of interval cardiovascular routines on the treadmills and 25-30 minutes of strength training using free weights and other equipment. The floor work focuses on a different major muscle group each day allowing clients to develop a targeted program, or to attend Monday through Friday for an ideal well-balanced workout routine (see below for weekly schedule). Instructors will vary the workouts from two 30 minute segments one day to four 15 minute segments another and even multiple short segments moving the class from treadmill to the floor every 5 minutes. The idea is to continually “shock” the body as research demonstrates that it is the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. The endless variety of exercises and instructor styles insures that no two classes are the same, and that every class feels new and exciting.

As I said, I took the Arms & Abs class, so we incorporated weighted balls, free weights, a resistance band, and a step – on top of the treadmill work.

We began by warming up on the treadmill at a walk. We then jogged and sprinted, switching up the inclines and speeds throughout the class. I was huffing and puffing before we even began the arms and abs work!

We got off the treadmills and laid on the step, using the free weights and weighted balls to do bicep and tricep work. We also did all kinds of cool moves with the weighted balls to do crunches of sorts. Very difficult to explain, and I obviously couldn’t take pictures throughout the class 😦

We returned to the treadmills, and it was brutal! At times we had the incline at 12 – TWELVE – and I thought I was going to slide right off!

We also increased our speeds up to 9.0 (I had never sprinted that fast on a treadmill before)!

We did different combinations of inclines and speeds (I’m sorry I can’t remember them all, I was focusing on not dying falling off the treadmill :))

We then returned to the floor to attach the resistance bands to the sides of the treadmills to do more bicep and tricep work while simultaneously working our abs as we turned and twisted, engaging our cores.

By the the end of the class aka within the first 15 minutes, I was DRIPPING with sweat!

I was definitely tired by the end, but I felt really great! I hadn’t worked out that “hard” in a while.


  • Martin, my instructor, was fabulous! He took time before class to meet everyone and see if anyone had any injuries or medical conditions.
  • Martin also provided a lot of personal attention and guidance throughout the class, and his energy level really helped keep me motivated.
  • The music was upbeat and inspiring, really helping me to push through when I thought my legs would give out.
  • The equipment is new, clean, and innovative.
  • The “workout area” is spotless.
  • Towels are provided – and they’re soft and smell good!
  • Electronic lockers (though I was a bit technologically challenged).


  • Expensive – though I did buy a 10 class package last weekend during the VIP sale.
  • Location – I live on the East side, though the walk isn’t too bad.
  • I’ve only taken one class so far, so I’m not sure if the level of attention/energy varies by instructor.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, which may seem weird for a boot camp class 😉 I’m obviously going at least 9 more times, since I bought a package, and I’m curious to see if my body changes at all. Highly recommend!

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One Response to New Workout Adventures: Barry’s Bootcamp

  1. It’s amazing what a different experience another instructor can provide to a class. I’m thinking of taking another class there. If I do decide to go back I will definitely try Martin’s Arm and Ab class!

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