Day 2 of the BluePrintCleanse

Today is Day Two of the BluePrintCleanse, and it’s been a bit more difficult. I woke up STARVING, so I drank the recommended glass of warm water and then guzzled the first green juice. I was THAT hungry.

I found it difficult to make time for my juices! I work in the buying office of a major retailer, and Monday mornings are insane (understatement of the century). I spent the morning and early afternoon running around like crazy trying to prepare for meetings and presentations. I was so busy that I lost the feeling of being hungry – or just forgot about it?

I did have a headache and feel shaky for part of the day, so I tried to keep up with my juices and drink as much water in between as possible.

I canceled my scheduled barre class tonight since I still feel a little weak. I will try consider a less intense treadmill workout instead.

On another note, I am super excited to try Well + Good’s Figure 4 class at Pure Yoga on Wednesday! I submitted a caption for a photo of Figure 4 creator and former ballerina Kate Albarelli, and I was actually chosen for one of the 30 spots. I never win anything, so this is extra thrilling!

Photo from here.

Have any of you tried the class? Is it super intense, and will I die?!

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