I Lost My Mind: 3 Days of BluePrintCleanse

New York City is full of temptations. 24/7. Everywhere you turn.

You can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and cocktails delivered to your door. There are fabulous (or at least unhealthy) restaurants on every corner, and iced coffees and chai tea lattes calling my name everywhere I turn.

So I finally bit the bullet and signed up for BPC‘s three day Renovation cleanse. I’m not necessarily looking to lose weight (though I wouldn’t complain if I was magically a few pounds lighter :)), I just want to give my body a break from the constant eating out and happy hours.

Today is Day One, and so far I only have one complaint: the box that the cleanse comes in! I wish it came in a bag or something with handles. I had to take a cab home from picking the cleanse up because I had no way of carrying the box.

As I said, I signed up for a 3 day cleanse, so there are 6 juices per day. Juice 1 and 3 are green juices, juice 2 is pineapple apple mint, juice 4 is spicy lemonade, juice 5 is red juice, and juice 6 is cashew milk.

I’m a vegetarian, and while I do enjoy fruits and vegetables, PASTA is my true love. I am definitely missing the feeling of having something “solid” in my stomach.

So far the red juice is my least favorite; it tastes like dirt, and I’m drinking it over ice through a straw.

It’s a little strange not to be making dinner/drinks plans with friends for the coming week, but we’re settling on healthier alternatives, like seeing the movie “Bridesmaids” on Tuesday đŸ˜‰ (sans snacks).

Fingers crossed that tomorrow isn’t 1000 times worse!

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