Amped Up Abs Workshop at Physique57

On Saturday I dragged myself uptown to the Amped Up Abs Workshop at Physique57.

I say “drag” because Saturday was a beautiful day, and I was feeling lazier than usual 😉

Physique57’s “Get Ready for Summer” email describes the workshop as:

“[A] 90 minute workshop, led by Alicia, Mandy, and Karen, will follow the sequence of a Physique57 class and is designed to deepen your understanding of how to use your core muscles more effectively while doing Physique57’s most challenging, waist-chiseling, hip-twisting choreography to your favorite tummy-tucking tunes. You will leave with a slimmer center and a stronger connection to your core.”

I obviously didn’t read the email again for the class because I thought I’d be laying on my back most of the time – I was 100% wrong!

I did leave with a stronger connection to my core because it is still sore – but feeling tight!

This was a fabulous workshop, and I LOVED how we did ab exercises that I’ve never experienced in the regular classes or the Arms & Abs Booster classes. For example, we used a stretchy band at the beginning of the workshop – a new tool that really helped me focus on tightening my core muscles.


Having three instructors ensured that form was correct throughout, a necessity since I was essentially learning how to engage my core doing everything from leg lifts to squats.

If the workshop is ever offered again, I highly recommend it! And I STILL wish the Arms & Abs Booster class was offered later in the evening or on the weekends 😉

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