My Week of Unlimited Bari Classes

I know I’ve already posted about classes at the Bari Studio, but I just HAD to add a new post with updates πŸ™‚

I signed up for the weekly unlimited package and went to class on Monday and Tuesday nights. Each class has been different this week, and each class was also different from my initial post.

Yes, there is still barre work, ab work, and resistance band work, but the movements and sequences change with each class. I LOVE this! Sometimes I find myself anticipating what comes next in classes I take frequently in an effort to gauge how much time is left (I’m bad, I know).

On Tuesday, I practically had a private class with Alexandra, and it kicked my butt was awesome! I had one-on-one attention, where I really focused on engaging my core through almost all of the exercises, whether it was stretching with the resistance bands or doing leg lifts on the mat.

I got my heart rate up with the resistance bands, especially when we did high knees. Some of the barre moves were familiar, but most were done with “high heels,” and my calves really feel the burn today.

I thought I was going to be thankful that we spent a majority of the class on the mat, but boy was I wrong! We got down on all fours and did leg lifts to the side (hard for someone that is not flexible AT ALL) and then crunched our knees into our chests and then extended them out behind us, working our abs….and arms, and legs, etc.

We did abs on the mat with weights, and my obliques actually feel the effort today. My descriptions are sadly lacking, so you’ll just have to try a class to see what I mean πŸ˜‰

I was drenched with sweat by the end (TMI?), and my arms were shaking, but I felt fabulous!

In fact, almost every muscle in my body has ached for the last two days, and I’ve kind of missed that feeling – weird?

Anyway, the classes are fun, unpretentious, and make you work hard. The time flies by, and my time spent in the studio is a relaxing break out of some pretty hectic work days.

Highly recommend!

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7 Responses to My Week of Unlimited Bari Classes

  1. Sam says:

    Your descriptions are not lacking at all! I know exactly what you mean t’s a pity there isn’t a trial class option. I’m sure Alexandra could attract a lot more clients if there was a newcomer initiative.

  2. Dori says:

    Great review!!! I went to Bari during the opening weekend, but I am planning to go back and try it again very soon!

  3. Philly Pride says:

    If you love Bari, make sure you check out Lithe Method if you’re ever in Philly or when it opens in NYC soon. Then you can take classes with the real founder of the Method. It’s the workout that Bari actually stole her inspiration from while studying in Philly at Wharton. The high heels that you’re describing, the move with the bringing the leg in and out, they all have their own unique names at Lithe. And the concept of being a lifestyle, not just a workout, is also not unique. “The City, The Mind, and The Body” — yup, it’s called And it’s a much better blog.

    Oh, and at Lithe, each class is different, because Lithe has developed an assortment of 20-30 differently named and differently focused classes. While I’m sure Bari is the best workout for right now, wait until you can try Lithe and see what you’re missing out on!

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