The Bari Method: A New Barre-Style Workout in Tribeca

Thanks to the ladies at Well + Good (again), I heard about a new barre style workout in Tribeca called The Bari Method. Of course I had to hop on a train downtown to try it out 🙂

It was a bit of a trek for me (I live in Murray Hill), but I quickly found out that the trip was worth it. I arrived early for the 7pm class (I don’t go lower than the West Village most days, so I was paranoid about being on time). Alexandra introduced herself and gave me and the other two early clients a tour of the studio.

It’s a beautiful space with exposed brick, wood floors, and lockers made from recycled wood. Alexandra showed us the changing and showering space, as well as the area with Bari water bottles to be filled with tap water or flavored water.

I felt like I was in a cool Tribeca apartment (which I kind of was), and I couldn’t wait to see how Bari Method compared to other barre-style classes I’ve taken.

We began using the bands hanging from the ceiling for a cardio sequence that included toe taps, heel taps, and running in place.

After getting our heart rates up, we headed to the barre for some seat and thigh work. Some of the moves were similar to Physique57 classes, but “the rodeo” and the “electric guitar” were new to me – the moves really opened up our hips and moved our legs in ways that I don’t think traditional barre classes do.

We then went to the floor for some arms and abs sequences, using weights while doing ab work. This really tested my coordination – I have none! We also did several sets of planks and push ups….so good for you yet so hard for me to do!

We returned to the barre for some more leg work – this time focusing on more martial arts type moves.

We ended the class by using the resistance bands in conjunction with the yoga mats to activate our cores while still engaging our arms.


  • Beautiful, clean studio
  • Small classes (though this may only be because the studio is brand new)
  • Personable owner/instructor who takes the time to chat with clients before and after class
  • More of a cardio workout than traditional barre classes – I worked up a sufficient sweat by the end, and was happy to have a towel 🙂
  • Motivating selection of music that seemed to go along with each series of movements that we were focusing on


  • Soooo far away from my apartment 😦 (I know that’s not relevant to people who live downtown)
  • Expensive, though prices are in line with other barre-style studios. The Bari Studio does have an unlimited week and an unlimited monthly package that are reasonably prices that I am seriously considering purchasing
  • Class was small, but I didn’t receive the more personal attention that I’m used to – sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was doing the new moves correctly if I didn’t receive direction/couldn’t see where Alexandra was in the room
  • Limited Friday after work classes, and limited Saturday and Sunday classes
  • I really did like the addition of the bands to the workout, but I had trouble keeping a firm grip on them during some moves
Photos from here
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9 Responses to The Bari Method: A New Barre-Style Workout in Tribeca

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  2. Sam says:

    Great review. I’ve been very curious about this class since hearing about it and your review intrigues me further! Will try to trek down to the studio sometime soon.

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed the class – so much that I’m actually thinking of committing to a week or month unlimited package 🙂 I hope you enjoy it once you make the trip downtown!

  3. LGB says:

    This is EXACTLY what i’ve been looking for! Thanks again Manhattanista… I’ll be sure to take a look a this!

  4. Isabel says:

    I have actually been taking the Bari classes since The Bari Studio opened and I’m addicted! I can already feel my abs and gluteaus max get firm after a few classes. I’m pretty excited for getting into shape for the summer!

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