Could Gramercy Tavern Be the End All Be All of NYC Restaurants?

“The Boyfriend” and I have been going to Gramercy Tavern for about three years now, and it would be a huge understatement to say that we love it. In fact, it just might be “The Boyfriend’s” favorite restaurant in NYC. It’s definitely up there on my list, though I do love me some Daniel 😉

One year we went for “The Boyfriend’s” birthday, and I slyly asked the server to bring me the check while the birthday boy was away from the table. The following year, when we came in around “The Boyfriend’s” birthday, they brought a dessert out to the table with a candle in it – without me asking about it!

We went this past Sunday for dinner (because I have the best boyfriend ever), and I love that I got a little dressed up but still felt like I might be eating a family dinner at my grandparent’s house.

We started with an amuse bouche of cauliflower custard with black radish and hazelnuts alongside a mini kebab of radishes, beets, squash, etc.

For our first course, I ordered the carrot soup with lime yogurt and cilantro. “The Boyfriend” ordered the lamb pappardelle with olives, lemon confit, and swiss chard.

For our second course, I ordered the halibut with broccoli, beans, and leeks (I asked for the oysters to not make an appearance on my plate 🙂 )

“The Boyfriend” ordered the pork loin & bellly with heirloom beans and red rice.

I LOVE halibut, so I was thrilled that it was on the menu, but “The Boyfriend” has been OBSESSED with the pineapple upside down cake since we first visited Gramercy Tavern three years ago! Let’s just say that he was beyond excited to see it on the dessert menu for our visit 😉

He obviously ordered the pineapple upside down cake with frozen yogurt, and I ordered the warm chocolate bread pudding with Cacao nib ice cream.

And as is Gramercy Tavern tradition, we received a plate of petit fours, as if we weren’t full enough 😉


  • Fantastic service – our server advised us on menu choices as well as wine selection
  • Elegant yet cozy atmosphere
  • Rich, flavorful food made with local, in season ingredients
  • Delicious wines – whether we’re looking for a refreshing white or a full bodied red, we’ve never been disappointed
  • More than adequate space between tables so you don’t feel like you’re sitting with your neighbors (this is a restaurant pet peeve of mine)


  • Expensive – unfortunately, our visits are usually limited to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Can be difficult to secure a reservation, especially near holidays

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