Pushing My Boundaries…With Brunch

Well, not really. After my Pilates class on Saturday, “The Boyfriend” and I went to brunch at Jo’s on Elizabeth Street near Houston. I don’t usually spend a lot of time in this area, unless it’s to visit the J.Crew on Prince, which I did 😉

I ordered the mimosa, and “The Boyfriend” ordered the michelada (beer, tomato juice, lime juice, sauces, and spices) to start.

For my entree I ordered eggs Florentine. I like to consider myself an eggs Florentine aficionado, but this dish surprised me. First of all, the “potato hash” was a bit spicy, and then, the hollandaise sauce also had some kick! It was a completely unique flavor, and I devoured my breakfast!

“The Boyfriend” ordered the burger deluxe with a fried egg.

I can’t comment on the burger (the whole vegetarian thing), but the fries with the chipotle sauce were absolutely amazing! I kept stealing them throughout our meal 🙂

I had never heard of or been to Jo’s before, but I would definitely recommend it. The space was laid back and not overly crowded – good for groups or a quiet one-on-one brunch.

Also, make sure you check your mailboxes for your J. Crew loyalist 20% off coupon! I made great use of mine this weekend, and the event goes through April 11th.

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