Getting My Pilates On

I feel like I’m the only person in Manhattan who hasn’t tried Pilates. Sure, I’ve done yoga, barre classes, etc. But never “real” Pilates.

Using a deal from livingsocial, I took my first pilates class at Gramercy Pilates this morning. I love that only four people are in a class! In fact, there was only me and one other client in my 11am class this morning; perfect for personal attention.

I took the beginner reformer tower class. The web site describes the class:

  • For people who have never done mat or machine Pilates
  • Includes basic breathing, core stability, and basic choreography for machines
  • 15-20 minutes on mat exercies
  • Remainder of the class focuses on machines, breath, and ab engagement

Coming from a barre class background, many of the positions were familiar to me: focusing on small movements to really isolate muscles and keeping proper posture/alignment.

The machines were really cool, and I definitely spent most of my time trying to remember to relax my shoulders while keeping my core engaged. Emily, the instructor, made constant adjustments to my form and provided encouragement/feedback.

We worked our legs, arms, and abs through a series on the reformer and the tower.

The hour flew by, and I left with a greater awareness of my breath/posture. However, I did feel like I needed to hit the gym for some cardio after 😉

(Watch me be insanely sore tomorrow after that comment!)

I have three classes left, so I will definitely be going back.

Next up: spinning at Flywheel tomorrow afternoon!


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2 Responses to Getting My Pilates On

  1. David Carr says:

    Pilates fanatic here … saw a Tweet of yours … GREAT pic of the studio reformers … following your Tweets …

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