Do you shower at the gym?

I know, that’s a personal question.

It’s something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to recently though.

I got a promotion at work (yay!), so I no longer have to be at the office at the crack of dawn. I’ve been considering signing up for some early morning Physique57 classes or even just going to my regular gym before work.

But this poses the question: when do I shower?

My office is between where I live and Physique, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to go home after working out.

Let’s be honest. The thing I’m most concerned about is my hair. How does the whole blow drying situation work? Is there a line of girls starting you down so you hurry up? Will I feel pressured the whole time? Ahhhh!

This is why I have yet to work out in the morning before work 😉

Anyone know the ins and outs of locker room showering etiquette?


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