Shhhh It’s a Secret…Extra Virgin

Okay, maybe it’s not a secret. But since you can’t make reservations at this West Village gem, I was (slightly) hesitant to write about it.

Sunday “The Boyfriend” and I went to Extra Virgin for a celebratory dinner before my first day in my new position at work. Of course this meant I had to consume too much wine and dessert πŸ˜‰

I adore Extra Virgin because:

  1. The food is delicious
  2. It’s in the super cute West Village
  3. I always feel cool when I eat there πŸ˜‰
  4. Amazing outdoor seating during warmer months
  5. Unpretentious

We started with some Chardonnay; the perfect compliment to my fish, and I really wanted something refreshing.

I ordered the Simply Grilled Halibut. I had just come from the 4:15pm spin class at Flywheel Sports with Grant (love!), and I was soooo hungry! I had literally been dreaming about this meal for the entire 45 minute class πŸ™‚

The menu describes the halibut as: fresh herbs, tomato carpaccio, arugula, extra virgin olive oil.

It’s literally grilled halibut with olive oil and pepper garnished with tomatoes, arugula, and more olive oil. So simple, light, and perfect!

Of course I couldn’t stop there. One of my favorite desserts that I’ve discovered since moving to NYC is at Extra Virgin. And it’s especially shocking because I’m a chocoholic, and this has no chocolate!

We ordered the warm mixed berry cobbler with white chocolate ice cream. Perfection!


  • Wonderful food that tastes fresh and “clean”
  • Great atmosphere – dim and candlelit for dinner
  • Great location – within walking distance of several West Village hot spots, including Marc Jacobs and Magnolia πŸ˜‰
  • We didn’t feel rushed at all, even though the restaurant was crowded


  • No reservations
  • The wait can be over an hour without a reservation
  • The space is small, and it gets crowded
  • Kind of expensive, but the food is worth it (to me!)
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