Food Filled Weekend

Much of my time this weekend was spent in restaurants…a win for my tastebuds and a loss for my waistline 😉

After 5.5 miles at the gym Saturday morning, “The Boyfriend” and I headed to Kingswood for brunch. I’d been to the bar here before and loved it, so I had high expectations for the food.

The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous – lots of windows and light! I felt like I was in a chic country house.

There was one snafu though….I visited the restaurant’s web site and saw eggs Florentine on the menu. I was super excited because I adore eggs Florentine, and I was RAVENOUS after my time at the gym.

Too bad eggs Florentine was nowhere to be found! 😦

Instead I ordered the fried egg sandwich minus the prosciutto. Below is the pic I remembered to take after I’d already cut into the egg and removed the offending tomatoes.


  • Beautiful space
  • Great bar scene at night
  • Refreshing “Sunrise Smoothie”


  • No eggs Florentine 😦

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