What do Barre3, Lululemon, and Well + Good have in common?

Barre3, Lululemon, and Well + Good made my Sunday morning amazing!

Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Well + Good, a friend and I experienced Sadie Lincoln’s Barre3 class at the Lululemon store in Lincoln Square. For free!

I am obviously a huge Physique57 fan, so I was super excited to try another barre class, especially after visiting the Barre3 web site and watching a video of a class.

According to the web site, Barre3:

  • Offers fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits
  • Builds longer, leaner muscles and a strong core
  • Energizes and increases stamina
  • Develops muscle balance leading to a well-proportioned body with less risk for injury
  • Increases flexibility and creates a natural flow to the body.
  • Connects mind, body and breath and relieves stress.

We unrolled our yoga mats in the closed Lululemon store, and Sadie walked around introducing herself and asking about injuries.

I was a little skeptical because I’m not 100% into yoga – I tend to get bored and give up on it for long periods of time – so I was worried how the class would turn out without the barre, weights, or any other tools.

Silly me! Sadie modified the moves so we only had to use our mats and these cool squishy balls (without kicking our neighbors in the head). Before long I was sweating and my muscles were quaking!

The class went roughly like this: there was a squat/plié section, a planks section, and an abs section with the ball.

I like how Sadie kept reminding us to breathe and to think about our breath; this is an aspect of yoga that I’d forgotten how much I like.

All in all, I felt very lucky to participate in the class, and it was an invigorating start to my Sunday!


  • Getting to try a Barre3 class in NYC, where there currently are not any studios
  • Experiencing the class in an awesome location –> Lululemon store!
  • Being surrounded by others who are interested in fitness/barre classes/Lululemon/Well + Good
  • Free!


  • No Barre3 studios in NYC!
  • Also, due to space limitations, we weren’t able to use any weights, etc. I’m very curious about how a “real” class goes
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