Brunch and Barre3

Saturday “The Boyfriend” and I headed to Brasserie for brunch.

It was such a nice day that we walked there and back, so I felt slightly better about myself and the pancakes I ordered 😉

Brasserie’s space is amazing! The architecture is really cool, and it was super exciting to be seated in a completely private booth – a rarity in NYC!

We sat in one of the booths in the back of the picture with the tall green sides – perfection!

The dining area is designed so that you make an entrance as you’re seated 🙂

I ordered the raspberry-pineapple smoothie, which was refreshing and delicious. For my entree I had the buttermilk pancakes with fruit. The pancakes were good (as confirmed by “The Boyfriend”), but I dug myself into a hole. I KNOW that I don’t really like restaurant pancakes, but for some reason, for two weekends in a row, I’ve ordered them!

As soon as they came I wished I’d ordered something lighter, like the black truffle scrambled eggs. Oh well!

Later that night I went to a spinning class with Grant at Flywheel – love!

Grant is one of my favorite instructors because I think he’s great at giving torq and RPM ranges. I always leave the class dripping sweat but not feeling like I did some crazy work out that my body can’t handle.

And then…drum roll please….

Sunday morning was the Barre3 work out at the Lululemon store in Lincoln Square. The class was fabulous, Sadie Lincoln was fabulous, and the location was fabulous!

In fact, everything was so fabulous that it needs its own post. More to come soon 😉

Did anyone else go to the Barre3 class in NYC this morning?

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