March Line Up

I am super excited for some upcoming restaurants and workouts this month!

Tonight “The Boyfriend” and I are having dinner at Maya on the Upper East Side, and this weekend we’re going to brunch at Mercer Kitchen – yum!

THEN on March 13th a friend and I are going to a barre3 workout with Sadie Lincoln courtesy of the fabulous Well + Good. Anyone else going? I am extremely curious about this workout!

Speaking of Well + Good, today there was an article on David Kirsch and his classes at the Madison Square Club. Has anyone tried these? I’m considering signing up for one.

I’m also thinking of taking an arm and ab body booster class at my love Physique57. Anyone tried the body boosters and have any thoughts?

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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2 Responses to March Line Up

  1. Dori says:

    I’ll be at the barre3 class! I actually just tried it in Seattle a couple weekends ago for the first time. I think the teacher wasn’t very good though so I am especially excited to try it with the creator! Look forward to meeting you!

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