Hot or not…The Lion

I went to the Lion this week for a work dinner, and it was absolutely fabulous!

When I found out where we were having dinner I had to contain my inner foodie/nerd/tourist/lover of “hot spots.” 🙂

We walked into the bar area, which was dark and crowded; we had a prime 6:30pm reservation. There were six of us, and we were seated at a large table that was a booth on the curved side with two chairs on the straight side. The table was shaped like a “D,” if that makes more sense than my other description. 😉

The walls are dark wood, as well as the furniture, and are covered in eclectic artwork. I felt like I was in a combination of an old world men’s club mixed with a library.

We ordered several appetizers for the table, but I only tried the cauliflower – you know, the whole vegetarian thing 😉 The cauliflower came with tahini vinaigrette, shaved salad, pine nuts, and golden raisins. Let’s just say I didn’t know a vegetable could be that flavorful!

For my main course I ordered the porcini dusted halibut, which came with farro risotto, celery puree, mushrooms, and onions. I love halibut, and this dish did not disappoint! My fish was creamy, and everything on the plate was buttery and smooth. I didn’t want it to end!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures. I thought it might seem a bit unprofessional/strange if I started taking pictures of everything – though I was extremely tempted!)


For dessert I ordered the cheesecake in a jar, and it actually came in a cute little jar that I wanted to take home with me. The rich cheesecake also came with strawberries and honey and maple crumbs – delicious!

Here’s a list of my pros and cons to sum up this extremely long post!


  • Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Wines and cocktails


  • Long wait time between courses (we canceled one of our desserts because it was taking so long)
  • Difficult to get reservations
  • Expensive

All in all, I’d love to go back, and would 100% recommend the Lion to friends/associates/etc.



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