Long Time No See Physique57!

Oh how I missed you!

Full disclosure: I was OBSESSED with Physique57 for about 6 months straight, and then I took a few months off to try out some new workouts/focus on work/travel, etc.

Now I am back in the saddle, and it feels so good! (Though tomorrow it will probably hurt).

I went to my first class this morning since my hiatus, and it was just as butt-kicking, I mean wonderful, as I remembered.

According to the web site, Physique 57 is all about Interval Overload:

  • using your own body weight for resistance (trust me, your arms and legs can start to feel veeeery heavy)
  • targeting and overloading muscles to the point of fatigue
  • then stretching your muscles for relief

The class starts with arm work using 3 and 5 pound weights followed by push ups, planks, tricep dips, and some stretching. That’s the warm up.

Then we move onto thigh and seat work at the barre using a playground ball (I never knew I could dislike an inanimate object so much)! The exact moves differ slightly depending on the instructor, but I‘ve always been challenged.

By the end of the seat work my legs were shaking and my body felt like a pretzel (probably from doing the pretzel position ha)!

The third section of the class is ab work…the playground ball comes back – darn!


  • Two locations in NYC: 57th Street and Spring Street
  • Locker room with showers, hair dryers, shampoo, etc
  • Towels provided
  • Boutique that sells Lululemon apparel
  • Motivating music
  • Instructors walk around helping to adjust positioning
  • Schedule classes online


  • No locations on the east side – obviously only a con for me 😉
  • Expensive
  • Classes fill up quickly

The web site has tons of info about different classes, how to sign up, rates, etc.

Is anyone else a Physique57 devotee? Have any similar workout experiences?

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