New Workout Adventures – The Refine Method

This week has been crazy, so I’m just now writing about a fabulous new class I tried last weekend.

I decided to break out of my treadmill rut and try a class at Refine Method. I like running, but I’ve gotten bored with my gym lately, so I’m trying to expand my workout horizons

I love knowing I’m killing two birds with one stone by combining cardio with strength training, so I was ecstatic when I saw the Refine web site descriptions:

Circuit-style technique called Metabolic Resistance Training = cardio burn + metabolically-active lean muscle

Large movements to increase the metabolism and strip the fat (yay)!

Targeted finishers for problem areas (I can think of a few) 😉

Taught by Brynn Jinnett, a Harvard graduate and former NYC Ballet dancer

The Foundation Class:

We started with a warm up to elevate our heart rates and some stretching (where I reaffirmed the fact that I am super inflexible!)

Then Brynn showed us how to use the pulley system, which definitely worked my arms and core in a series of exercises. I really liked how Brynn and an assistant walked around adjusting everyone’s form and demonstrating how we should look. <– I think this was my favorite part of the class 🙂

We used sliding discs in part of the circuit, placing our feet on them while in the plank position. <– This was probably my least favorite movement, only because I felt the burn/struggled with my plank from the beginning.

We also included side lunges and squats during the class with lots of stretching at the end.

Again, the personal attention was extra special towards the end when my poor legs were trembling, and Brynn helped me stretch.


The pulley really worked my arms and core, and it was a refreshing change from weights!

Sign up for classes online

Small class size

Extra personal attention

Clean, minimalist studio


A bit of a trek for me to the Upper East Side (71st Street between 1st and 2nd Ave) from Murray Hill

Reasonably priced for classes of it’s kind, though still a bit of a splurge in my workout budget

Overall, it was a wonderful class that helped mix up my workout routine. If I lived closer and could budget it into my monthly expenses, I could see myself as a regular.

Definitely recommend you check it out, especially since Refine offers a New Client Intro 8 Pack. Make sure you visit the site to see for yourself!

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