Sunday brunch at The Smith

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

(And by everyone I mean whoever might have accidentally stumbled upon this post).

“The Boyfriend” and I decided to try somewhere new for brunch on Sunday, so we ventured down to The Smith, near our old NYU stomping ground.

We had an 11:30am reservation, and the restaurant was already packed with people: groups of college kids, families, and twenty-somethings.

We were seated right away at a corner table where we shared an L-shaped bench; I love tables like these.

I ordered the Potato Waffle Benedict, which had three poached eggs on top of three potato wafflles covered in a spinach sauce. It was delicious, and I was ravenous after my early morning run!

“The Boyfriend” ordered the Country Breakfast – cheddar grits, ham steak, biscuit, and gravy. Not my personal top choice (only because I’m a vegetarian), but the biscuit and the grits hit the spot!

I would definitely go back to this brunch spot again. The food was savory, our server was attentive without being pushy, and we didn’t have to wait at all to be seated! Seems like a great brunch spot for groups (with a reservation of course)!

Anyone else find any noteworthy brunch places this weekend? I could eat breakfast/brunch food all day/every day!

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